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Witness Training – Discovery Depositions & Courtroom

Witness Training - Discovery Depositions & CourtroomWe are in a period of technological advancements and change.  Studies indicate that we have become accustomed to visual learning.  Visual learning is a powerful tool to assist you in your preparation efforts.  At The Perfect Witness, we have developed a program in which you will S.E.E. the difference and positive impact of using video training.    If we have not convinced you yet about using The Perfect Witness program, here’s why you must start using our training with your witnesses.  Why train on-line?  The answer?  It’s a Simple, Effective and Efficient way to prepare your witness.


Using The Perfect Witness program is just that, simple.  After you create a profile online, all that you or your assistant has to do is log on to our website and fill out a simple form which will generate a link that you can send to your client.  That link will arrive by email and you can send it to your client so they can view the program.  All your client has to do is click on the hyperlink, which will take them directly to the program. They can watch and complete the training within seven days of first opening the hyperlink.  The training video can be viewed practically anywhere on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


The Perfect Witness program consists of eight video segments which introduces the witness to the deposition process and prepares them for what they will experience on the deposition day.  The training program will take your witness through various scenarios. They will see both unprepared and prepared witnesses and will be trained using our copyrighted “Rules of the Room.”  The Rules of the Room are five simple rules which form the backbone of the training program.  Check out “The Program” tab to learn about what we teach.

Each video segment uses short and effective vignettes so that your witness can see both good and bad witnesses.  Seeing is believing!  By watching these vignettes, your client will catch on quickly, which will facilitate their overall preparation process.  Additionally, after viewing certain segments of the program, the witness will be prompted to answer specific questions after each segment to demonstrate a proficiency and understanding of the Rules of the Room.  The program is approximately one hour in length and is a proven tool to make your witness prepared for their deposition day.


Using the program could not be more efficient for you or your law firm.  All that you have to do is create a profile on The Perfect Witness and once that profile is created you simply go back to and click on the icon, which will direct you to log in to your account.  Once logged on, you or your assistant can quickly request a new training session and we will generate and email a hyperlink you can provide to your client.  Additionally, once your witness completes The Perfect Witness training program, we will send you an email confirming the witness’s completion of the program along with the results of the questions following the training segments.  With this information, you can go back and reinforce the principles we teach in the program or can target those specific areas where your witness needs some additional guidance.  Importantly, your witness will be trained before they arrive at your office.  Additionally, we have a packet of information available as a part of the training program that your witness can review before the depositions.

Create your profile today to start utilizing The Perfect Witness deposition training system and save your valuable resources for other pressing case preparation.