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Online Witness Training – Testimonial for Depositions & Testimony

The deposition prep video really aided me in reducing the nervousness I was feeling prior to my first deposition. It did a very good job of informing me of what rights I had during the deposition and introduced me to techniques to help me control the tempo of the deposition as well as the clarity of the questions being asked. – Elliot C., Cleveland, OH

The Perfect Witness training program was great! Although I have given my deposition before, I learned specific rules that helped me during my deposition. The questions after each of the segments forced me to pay attention and really try to learn what the training program was teaching. If I ever have another deposition, I will definitely want to use this program again! – Shannon R., Dallas Texas

This is a must see video for anyone about to give a deposition. I was so thankful that I watched this video before being deposed. I encourage anyone to view it in preparing for a deposition. – Jason T., Houston, Texas

All I have to say is: Watch this video before your deposition. I was extremely nervous before being deposed, but this video taught me the tools I can use and really prepared me for what I was about to experience. I can honestly say that I learned exactly what I needed to know and saw what to expect. – Ryan F., Metairie, Louisiana

Seeing this video really explained the deposition process and made me less nervous. I am glad my lawyer sent this video to me to prepare me for what I was going to do. – Sally L., Houston, Texas

I am not sure I would have been as prepared as I was for my deposition had I not watched this video. The Five Rules of the Room really made sense, and I used those rules during the deposition. – Craig R., Lake Jackson, Texas

The Perfect Witness allows attorneys to register online, and then send invitations to a witness to complete a video course laying out the basic deposition rules and providing examples of good and bad communication behaviors. The attorney is able to check whether witnesses have completed the roughly 60-minute, eight-segment series, and can see how they did on the comprehension checks that appear after each segment. Persuasive Litigator