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Online Witness Training

Is your deposition preparation working as well as you think? What if your clients came to your office already understanding the deposition fundamentals? Could you focus on the specifics of your case and use your time more wisely? If yes, we have the solution for you.

Online Witness Training

Witness Training Made Easy

Witness Training Made Easy!
Click. Watch. Prepare.

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Online Witness TrainingWitness Training From The Comfort Of Home or Office

The Perfect Witness is a powerful deposition training system that engages viewers with realistic vignettes and helpful teaching tools. Unlike other witness training methods that can get bogged down in unimportant details, The Perfect Witness video allows future deponents to “SEE” how to be a concise, efficient, and an effective witness. Best of all, lawyers will see the difference immediately and your witness will have a newfound confidence. Trainees can access and view this easy testimony training tool on their own time, and their attorneys do not need to devote time to monitoring their section-to-section progress. Instead, the Perfect Witness sends out an automatic email notification upon successful completion.

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witnessWhy Witness Training?

Although every witness is different, attorneys experience plenty of common frustrations during the preparation process. The bulk of these result from inadequate or nonexistent deposition witness training.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution to the various frustrations that accompany the witness preparation process. The Perfect Witness is a lawyer-designed training system that packs all of the essentials of the witness training process into an hour-long video presentation with eight succinct sections. Each of these sections outlines and reinforces a distinct aspect of any potential deposition. Before the online witness training participant can move on to a new section, he or she must correctly answer a series of questions that measure their comprehension of the material.

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