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Types of Witnesses – Who is Deposed

Types of Witnesses - Who is DeposedAs a versatile, trainee-friendly professional witness preparation tool, The Perfect Witness is designed for use in a wide range of case types. After creating a profile on our website, you can use our “simple, effective, and efficient” program to provide online witness training to virtually any type of witness. Online witness training will improve deposition performance and get results.

Expert Witness

Expert witnesses generally confine their testimony to a specific area of expertise. Since expert witnesses often speak about complicated or technical subjects that jury members and even judges might not be familiar with, it is crucial for these individuals to be prepared for their depositions. The Perfect Witness program provides deposition training that addresses common issues that arise during testimony and provides simple, easy-to-follow solutions to correct them. Once your expert witness has successfully completed our program, they will be ready to engage, inform, and effectively influence judges and jury members alike. Learn More

Eye Witness

Although they might not be experts in specific fields, eyewitnesses are crucial to the development of most trial-stage cases. Since eyewitnesses often have special or proprietary knowledge of the events of a case or the actions of its defendant, it is crucial that they provide accurate, measured responses to friendly and unfriendly questions alike. Inadequately prepared eyewitnesses may volunteer unhelpful or damaging information that can ruin weeks or months of case preparation in a single afternoon. Moreover, eyewitnesses who provide misleading or inaccurate information may lay the groundwork for an expensive and time-consuming mistrial. The Perfect Witness helps eyewitnesses avoid these and other pitfalls during deposition. Learn More

Character Witness

A character witness provides testimony that reinforces the defense team’s positive “client narrative” and calls into question his or her ability to commit the crime or tort at the heart of the case. A character witness must be careful to provide succinct, specific answers to questions and maintain a consistent story that does not conflict with other aspects of the case at hand. The Perfect Witness trains these individuals to provide thoughtful responses to direct questions and maintain a professional, trustworthy bearing that reinforces their own credibility. Learn More

Fact Witness

Fact witnesses still have an important place in the trial process. Since these individuals report or recount pertinent facts that they experienced, it is especially important that these witnesses remain truthful and credible. The Perfect Witness trains fact witnesses to understand the questions that they have been asked and respond only to the direct meaning of each query.

Once you have finished exploring each witness-specific sub-page, take a moment to reduce the time and energy that you put into preparing your witnesses by creating your free profile with The Perfect Witness. Learn More