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About The Perfect Witness

The Perfect Witness was created by Josh N. Bowlin, a practicing commercial litigator in Houston, Texas with over 10 years of litigation experience. As way of background, Josh decided to create this program because he felt that sitting in a conference room discussing what a witness was going to experience in their deposition just wasn’t enough to fully prepare any witness. While other antiquated videos existed, Josh felt that a newer program that was both interactive and available to witnesses on the web would offer his clients and colleagues a unique way to lay a sound foundation for testimony preparation.

After years of preparing witnesses, Josh was convinced that people need to see what the deposition process looks like in order to be fully prepared. They also need to see how good and bad witnesses appear under cross-examination. Through years of witness preparation with his own clients, Josh solidified the many rules lawyers typically discuss with their witnesses and boiled them down to five rules called, “The Rules of the Room.”

In all respects, Josh wanted to create a video that enhances a lawyer’s preparation efforts.  To keep the viewer engaged, The Perfect Witness training program contains 8 segments (containing 14 vignettes) with questions following most of the sections. Every witness must successfully pass each section before moving onto the next, and at the successful conclusion of the video, The Perfect Witness sends a confirmation, completion email. Each of the 14 vignettes strives to teach the importance of maintaining credibility through verbal and non-verbal responses. Josh found that once witnesses understand the process more fully through seeing the video and going through The Perfect Witness program, they were less stressed, more confident and, in turn, more credible.